Urban and Local Lumber in Georgia

Just saw a pretty good TEDx talk on urban lumber by David Barmon which is something we are passionate about at Waters Edge Woods.  While Comer, GA is far from an “urban environment”  we get plenty of trees from Athens and the surrounding rural areas that have come from neighborhood yards.  Its incredible to see the beautiful lumber from trees that would otherwise been firewood, mulch, or gone to the landfill.  In the last few months we’ve processed many varieties of trees that came down in storms or  were removed due to construction:  white oak, red oak, poplar, eastern red cedar, maple, sweet gum, black gum, persimmon, osage orange, black locust, cherry, sycamore, hickory and black walnut.  These trees will take new lives (and continue to sequester carbon) as wide plank flooring, interior trim, live edge siding, live edge slabs, furniture, fireplace mantels, and raised garden beds that don’t have to be pressure treated.

If you check out the video and like what you see you can also listen to a podcast David did with Permaculture Voices.  Our only problem with David’s talk is his calculations on the value of urban lumber.  Not sure how expensive wood is in Portland, but down here in Georgia we don’t sell many species of lumber that go for $10/board foot!



Andrew Dittmeier