Not Shiplap: Nickel Gap, Tongue & Groove

Traditional shiplap, long associated with woodland cabins and coastal cottages, is a timeless wallboard that has become popular in new homes and remodels.  When we started getting requests for a shiplap product a few years ago, we discovered that our customer’s typically wanted to paint it white and have a consistent nickel gap between each board.  The shiplap profiles and lumber on the market, however, were not well suited to what our customers wanted: they were made from low grade, knotty lumber.  These knots would bleed thru the paint, it was difficult and laborious to get a consistent nickel gap spacing, and the profiles all needed to be face nailed.

To achieve the same timeless look without the drawbacks we created our “NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap Wallboard”.  This paneling is the perfect choice for the shiplap lover: it has no knots to bleed thru the paint, doesn’t require face nails, creates a perfect nickel gap between every board, and installation flows much faster.  We have sold this product locally in Georgia and shipped it all over the southeast with customer feedback being extremely positive. 

The price is $2.99/SQFT, discounted to $2.75/SQFT for over quantities over 1000 SQFT.  We can deliver within an hour of the shop and ship anywhere in the country (additional delivery and freight charges apply.)  We stock a select southern yellow pine 1×8 (face width of 6 7/8″) NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap T&G in 12′ and 16′ lengths.  Custom lengths and widths are available for large orders.

Nickel Gap Wallboard Shiplap white wall
NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap T&G 1×8 Painted White
Shiplap exterior
Nickel Gap siding used on exterior of house with a pickeling stain

NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap T&G 1×6 Painted


Poplar Shiplap
NOT SHILAP: Nickel Gap T&G in select poplar


NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap T&G 1×8 in clear pine, painted white




Andrew Dittmeier