We understand the business of building and the changing face of construction. Customer’s still rely on you to produce a high quality product, but the demands on your time and need for unique materials seems to be insatiable. While websites like Pinterest and Houzz help us communicate with our clients, they also display alternatives not available at the local building supply store. Moreover, the project delays and unhappy customers are fresh in your mind from the last time you went outside the box: poor quality materials leading to wastes of time and money.

We believe that making extraordinary spaces for your clients doesn’t need to be stressful or take up any more of your time. Water’s Edge Woods was founded as an alternative to the generic products, poor quality, and the underwhelming customer service offered by big box retailers. Instead of cheap furniture assembled from particle board in a factory overseas, we offer heirloom quality furniture crafted from trees in nearby forests. Instead of narrow strip red oak flooring seen in the majority of homes, we offer handmade, wide plank floors from century old lumber. Instead of employees who avoid eye contact when a customer has a question, we offer expert advice from the actual owners of the business. At the end of the day, we value the process that produces incredible products more than the profit, have more fun sawing the lumber than selling it, and are committed to planting new trees while we carve up the bones of old ones.

With our wood and your expertise, you can create a product that your customer loves, was easy to execute, and didn’t take up any more of your time.

We have been ordering wood from Water's Edge since we started our company. We seek to create really unique/ super high quality garden designs and installations, and we need suppliers that are absolutely responsive and helpful. Every encounter with these guys has been top notch, from communication, product, to billing. A really high-class operation. And always super friendly, which is such a relief to some worn out hole digging garden designers. I recommend them every chance I get.

Patrick, City Garden Company

Andrew and the guys are always very helpful and know just where to point me when I come in needing something for a project.

Joshua Johnson, Southern Pro Woodworks

Your Guides

To The Good Wood

Andrew Dittmeier

Andrew is obsessive about continuous improvement and appreciates the flexibility of a small business to implement changes quickly that add value for the customer. With an extensive knowledge of lumber species and network of suppliers throughout the southeast, he is adept at sourcing unique and cost effective solutions for clients. A typical day might find Andrew working in the shop in the morning, meeting with clients at lunch, and delivering an order to the job site in the afternoon.

Greg Etheridge
Owner/Master Carpenter/Shop Guru

The son of a custom home builder, Greg was raised on construction sites. In his 20 year career, Greg has done it all when it comes to construction and woodworking: framing, trim carpentry, fine carpentry, sawmilling, millwork, and custom cabinets/ furniture. At Water’s Edge Woods, Greg is the last stop in production before a product heads out to the customer. When a custom floor is made, Greg will handle each plank several times as it goes though the machinery to ensure the highest quality. When a client has a challenging woodworking problem, Greg is on the job site helping the client with solutions. Moreover, Greg’s talent, skill, and love for woodworking shine in his custom furniture builds.

Chad Cooper
Owner/ Master Sawyer/Director of Operations

When a reclaimed timber arrives at Water’s Edge Woods, Chad oversees the process of de-nailing, re-sawing, and kiln drying the finished lumber. Chad’s passion for woodworking, creativity in solving problems, and love for the customer are the glue that holds daily operations together. Chad has developed new methodologies to reduce waste when sawing reclaimed timbers, while also improving the quality of the product. An accomplished craftsmen, Chad built the tiny house he lives in and is a go to resource for others looking to fulfill their own tiny house dreams.

Water's Edge Woods

How We Work

The majority of our products are custom made by three people. The craft of taking a reclaimed piece of lumber and turning into flooring, for instance, takes a great deal of time and attention. We also enjoy meeting our customer’s, giving tours of our millshop, and connecting with our community by selling directly the public. We are constantly trying to balance running a full production millshop, while also serving our retail customers: people want to see products in person, but they also want their orders in a timely fashion. In our best attempt to balance these two opposing forces, we have chosen to be open to the public on Tuesday and Fridays from 8am-5pm. We are available by phone from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and respond to emails as quickly as possible. If our times can’t work with your schedule or you need to pick up an order, just give us a call or email and we will make it work for you.